Quaker Running Club

Competitive running team for boys and girls, grades 3-5 Cross country (fall) and track and field (spring)

Meet #2 and forecast for Thursday practice

Hi Parents,

What a great day for a track meet, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!
Here are the photos from the meet;
Practice this Thursday same time same place. Weather looks like showers (with a chance of Thunderstorms). IF it does thunder around 4pm/5pmish expect practice to be cancelled safety is our main concern. If it's raining we will run on. :)
Thank you,
Please text me if you need anything 503 820 8687

The week ahead 04/10 - 04/14 - RUNNER2RUNNER

Hi Parents,

Practice is tomorrow (Monday) at 6pm - The location is "Franklin" at the Marshall campus. It is 3905 SE 91ST AVE, Portland, OR 97266
Tuesday - There is a track meet at Grant high school starting at 5:45. Not mandatory, but very fun.
Thursday - Practice
To those that want to volunteer; Please let me know by replying to this email.
I will need your name, athlete's name, and how many times per week (once or twice) you are interested in helping.
Depending on the interest we receive will determine the # of rebates offered for helping out. 
Tasks include; Name checking in and checking out, help keep athletes on track during drills, cheering on athletes during workouts, etc.
Questions or concerns can be emailed, or texted to me at 503 820 8687.
Looking forward to seeing everyone!
-Coach Howard 

Great first day of practice!

Hi all,

Thank you for coming today! I'm excited to have so many returners and new athletes trying this awesome sport.
We will see you NEXT Monday (NO meet tomorrow, NO practice Thursday).
You can find more information on Runner2runner.com
Reach out to me at 503 820 8687 or by email if you have any other questions,
Have a great night.
Coach Howard Lao

Track and Field Spring 2017

Hello Parents,
Welcome to Runner2Runner Track and Field! 
I am Coach Howard, head coach of the Warriors. I've been with the program since 2014 and each season has gotten better and better. I am very excited to meet all of you! 
I can be reached at 503 820 8687 (texting works too!) or by email. 
Runner2Runner’s mission is to introduce track and field training in a safe, positive and supportive environment to young athletes
Our first practice is located at Marshall High school (some of you might know this as Franklin high school) but the address is 3905 SE 91st Ave .
Practice starts at 6pm and ends at 7pm. The first day is 04/03/17.
You’re welcome to stick around for the entire practice if your schedule permits.
Team pages on www.runner2runner.com. Each team has their own team page, our team page provides calendar, coaches blog,
Frequently Asked Questions, Twitter and Facebook feed, optional apparel. ALL team information can be found on team page.
Tshirts will be handled out at the start of the season, and additional singlets can be purchased. 
Practice will be held every Monday and Thursdays 6pm - 7pm
The meets are on Tuesdays at Grant High School (the first being 04/11)
Your child should dress in weather appropriate clothing and wear proper running shoes. Layering works great! 
Hydration is extremely important so please be sure your child drinks
plenty of water prior to practice. Bring a filled water bottle to each practice.
If your child has asthma or allergies, please have them bring their inhaler
and EpiPen with them to each practice.
IMPORTANT: Please make sure to check your child out before leaving
practice. For safety purposes, you must be present for them to check out
and if someone other than a parent will be picking your child up, please let
me know in advance.
If your child is going to miss practice or a meet, please email me.
We need parent volunteers to help practice run smoothly. Duties will vary, but
may include helping with check-in, watching over our personal items, setting up
equipment, timing, taking pictures, bathroom breaks and assisting with the
various events. If you are available and interested, please email me and let me
know. Thank you in advance for your help!

Track and Field Registration is Open!

Registration is open!

Quaker Running Club

Competitive track and field team for athlete’s grades 3rd-5th grade

TEAM PRACTICE @ Marshall track, 3905 SE 91st Ave.

April 3-May 18, 2017

Practice days:  Monday/Thursday from 6-7 pm

Registration and team information on www.runner2runner.com

Head Coaches: Howard Lao 

Assistant Coaches:  Ashley Marcy and Abram Misiluti