Join Runner2Runner this summer for fun workouts with Coach Howard, Coach Jaime, Coach Lindsey, Coach Hill!

Let's make fitness fun while getting faster, stronger and gaining confidence in your athletic abilities - ALL levels welcomed!

June: Starts the week of 06/08

July: Starts the week of 07/06

August: Starts the week of 08/03

Flexible options to go monthly and at different commitment levels. Gold members will be matched with a coach based on athlete goals & event(s)

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Summer Class FAQ:

Q: What days/times are the LIVE Workouts?

A: We are currently taking feedback from parents on the best days/times to workout -

Q: What kind of “workouts” will you be doing? How long are the workouts?

A: Our workouts will slightly vary depending on the week, but in general we will do a warm up, dive deep into a workout, play games, core workouts, stretching and cooling down - 1 hour class

Q: Which virtual platform will you be using?

A: Runner2Runner will be using a password protected ZOOM classroom. Athletes will be able to see the coaches, but parents will have the option of not sharing their athlete. Coaches can give instant feedback for those athletes who choose to share their webcam.

Q: I missed the class, can I rewatch it?

A: Absolutely! The class can be rewatched on our password protected site. The recorded screen capture video will feature a “1 screen” view of the coach, leaving other athletes OUT of the video.

Q: How do I get matched with a Coach? [Gold Members]

A: Coach Howard, Coach Jaime, Coach Lindsey, Coach Hill are here to help! Fill out the questionnaire which lists athlete goals & events and we will match you with a coach in that event area. You can read about our coaches here.