What to expect this season

September 6, 2019

You’ve signed up your child for cross country, read through our FAQ page and welcome email but you may have a few more questions about Runner2Runner cross country

We are super excited to begin our season next week and hope you and your young athlete(s) feel the same!

Our philosophy is to introduce running in a  safe, positive and supportive environment to young athletes!  How do we accomplish this? First, we ask our athletes to observe three simple rules.

  1. Treat others as you like for them to treat you.
  2. Keep hands to self
  3. HAVE FUN!

Our practices are progressive and designed to build your young athlete into a runner.  We use a variety of approaches; our coaches assess their team and implement Runner2Runner designed workouts that ensure our runners progress in a safe and systematic manner.  Running workouts, strength and conditioning, nutrition, race prep, and games are all part of our fall workout plan.

We invite you to stay and observe practice!  Part of the fun of our program is seeing our young athletes improve and accomplish goals;  our parents should share in their success!

And if you want to volunteer at a practice or two, please speak to your head coach.

Wishing all a safe and fun start to cross country.

Yours in running,

Melissa Hill

Founder and President, Runner2Runner

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Welcome to Runner2Runner!

August 25, 2019

It is hard to believe that summer is coming to a close and fall is right around the corner.  Every season has its own special moments, but for me, I love fall because it signals the beginning of cross country running.  Back in 1998, when I started our first cross country teams in Portland, Oregon we had a large group of runners come out (over 100 for two teams).  It was a great beginning, and I still remember the energy and enthusiasm for practice and meets. We had a lot of fun that first fall then transitioned to track and field in the spring, and just like that Runner2Runner was born.

Cross country is a beautiful sport, set in a park or trail against the backdrop of leaves changing colors, runners wearing colorful kits, with flags and spectators lining the course. Athletes run distances specific to their age or ability (typically ranging from 1k-3k for elementary age). One of my favorite things is the personal growth athletes experience during the season; self discipline, pushing beyond their comfort zone during training, positive self image and talk, the importance of nutrition and hydration, and TEAMWORK. In my opinion, this lays the groundwork needed for future personal and sports endeavors.

Welcome to Runner2Runner teams this fall, we hope you love cross country as much as we do!

Melissa Hill

Founder and President, Runner2Runner