September 19, 2019

This week in southeast Texas, we’ve experienced heavy rainfall from tropical depression storm Imelda.  So much rain has fallen, areas are flooding and people are being rescued from roads and homes.  Needless to say, sports activities have been canceled for several days.

At Runner2Runner we strive to make each practice a special experience for your young athlete.  We believe in keeping everyone engaged, positive and safe during these workouts. So when it comes to weather, we are cautious and follow a couple of simple rules in deciding whether to call off a practice;

  1. If we practice at a school facility (typically track and field), we follow school district closure and cancelation of practice(s).
  2. Follow Accuweather and radar for updates on weather.
  3. One hour prior to practice; your head coach will email team with practice update.
  4. We will post on Facebook and Instagram if we are canceling practice.
  5. Coaches use best practices for team if caught in rain or storm (head to enclosed structure if available)

Please stay in touch with us via our Facebook page or Instagram account for updates; @runner2runner

Yours in running,

Melissa Hill

Founder and President, Runner2Runner

Rainy day Dr Seuss