March 26, 2020

It’s hard to put into words what the last 3 weeks have meant, unprecedented has been used and is so accurate.  I remember hearing stories from my grandmother about the Spanish flu, from books about TB and polio, and more recently, the impact of 9/11 on our nation.  But we are facing a worldwide crisis, something I have never experienced and of course, new for Runner2Runner and our team of coaches.

In the space of 2 weeks, Howard (COO) and I have converted our curriculum to a virtual online classroom.  We launch this new and fun workout series on April 1. If you have registered for one of our programs, you will receive a password via email giving you access to our workouts (from April 1 onward).  

We’ve worked hard to provide you the same excellent curriculum you’ve come to expect from Runner2Runner. We have incentives to get your young athlete up and going (see our LEADERBOARD) on our classroom page.  At the end of our session, we plan to award some fun prizes based on points earned (prizes are subject to availability from our supply chain).

Our future is still bright, but we don’t anticipate approaching our workouts the same way ever again.  Every piece of equipment will be sanitized after each use and we will follow all guidelines for physical distancing.  Of course, it is a given that any athlete or coach exhibiting symptoms will not be allowed to attend practices, meets or any Runner2Runner gatherings for the health of all concerned.  

We care very much about each one of our runners, families, and coaches and wish you all health in the coming weeks and months.

Yours in running,

Melissa Hill

Founder and President, Runner2Runner

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