As I sit at my desk and write this blog, it is almost a year since my last post.  I know we all feel like we've been living in "The Twilight Zone" but it is all too real.  I hope that our Runner2Runner family has managed to stay healthy and well, but I know many people i(ncluding me) have been affected by Covid.  I'm very thankful for the new vaccines and hope that real and lasting health comes back to our world.

Throughout this entire pandemic, Howard and I have worked very hard to make sure Runner2Runner would continue.  And keep what programs we had going by managing them with strict protocols.  Our coaches have been tremendous and have encouraged our young athletes through less than ideal circumstances.   Thanks to each and everyone of our coaches, parents, and athletes for supporting our small business!

We are taking a cautious, hopeful full breath of air for 2021.  Judging from our Inbox, our parents are super happy to have our programs back and we are growing.  We are now in 6 locations in Texas, plus our exisiting programs in Oregon, Washington, Missouri and Michigan.  This is amazing and I'm so happy we have a chance to share our amazing sport of running with more young athletes!

If you follow us on social media @runner2runner, you will see this post.  But I'm sharing it here because I'm so happy that I can! 

Wishing you all a healthy and happier 2021!

Melissa Hill, President and Founder, Runner2Runner

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